"The connection between heaven and earth,

between me and myself"

 Personal statement about INFINITY in my 3D abstract pictures 

​Over all the years of studying different forms of artistic expression, I have been focusing on exploring maximum possibilities allowed individually by each branch of arts. All the knowledge gained and many attempts to move the basic boundaries of the artistic genres are now allowing me the freedom to express my own thinking through works of art. Throughout my whole life, I've been immensely drawn to understand and at the same time to find the appropriate expression of the term "infinity". The infinity, which appears to me like something intangible, elusive and senseless, can be simultaneously perceived in the form of its constantly invisible presence. Infinity as something that exists and is non-existent, something that begins and never ends, and is an expression of the eternal, infinite, and unrepeatable. Like some kind of a repetitive cycle with no exact beginning and no definite end. As the beginning or the birth and the end or the death, which actually never really ends or terminates … Within me, infinity acquires a common denominator, as I feel it as a beginning-end-continuation or as a kind of unstoppable circulation.

​My personal need for visual expression or my need to add some shape to the term "infinity", has awakened the most appropriate geometric shape in me, that is the circle. This is how 3D images began to emerge from my thoughts. However, at this point my reasoning about infinity, that in my artwork has taken on the form of circle, is far from over. On the contrary, this is where the unfinished story of my creation begins. Each circle, cut in the name of infinity, leads me to play with it over and over again, moreover, it allows me to reach into its infinite depths.

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