About Me and my abstract Art

​My name is Blanka Blinx Kriz and I was born in 1971 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Art has been my passion throughout my life. In 1991, I graduated from the College for Design and Photography in Ljubljana. I have always had a keen interest in many fields of art, not only photography, so I decided to continue my studies in London - in the land of a wide range of different forms of artistic expression - where I finished two years of studies in fields of graphic design and illustration. After I have completed my studies in London, I returned to Ljubljana, where I attended the Institute for conservation and restoration of frescoes and paintings as well as ceramic art and ceramic sculptures. In 2008, I finished my PhD in Cultural Studies. During all my years of studies and researching different fields of art, I have held some exhibitions in Slovenia, Italy, Prague, UK- London, Greece - Athenas, Barcelona and United Arab Emirates- Dubai.

My artworks are created with an open heart, a lot love and commitment. And all this is possible to sense when you see or touch my works of art, which makes me the happiest person.

Contact Me

Blanka Blinx Križ

Puterlejeva 34

1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Tel: (386) 70871820

all rights for 3D images are copyright reserved

© 2020 by  Blanka Blinx Križ / blankablinxart@gmail.com

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