To create a 3D image, I use three layers or three separate sheets of synthetic paper. At first, I begin colouring two layers of synthetic paper with alcohol ink in the pre-selected colours, as the final image of colours is born in my mind even before the very beginning of my creation. After finishing colouring both sheets of paper, I begin to manually cut out circles of different sizes, which will be predominantly visible on the finished painting. When the first layer of paper is complete, I begin working on the second layer, which must exactly match the previously prepared layer of paper on each newly cut hole. Only together, the two layers create a unified image. When both layers are finished and aligned into a single image, I start to prepare the third and last layer which serves as a background and is usually covered with thin sheets of 22 carat gold. Then, all three layers of paper are closely aligned with spacers of proper height, so that they are not in contact with each other. In doing so, I create a sort of motion on the finished image, which evokes to the viewer a sense of depth and infinity with its three-dimensional effect.

All of my handmade three-dimensional works of art on the subject of infinity are made with a great deal of personal reassurance and precision, as this technique leaves no room for mistakes.

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