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Abstract paintings and drawings

Blanka Blinx Križ is an ordinary Slovenian artist who adores shifting the basic art boundaries.

She is an educated artist with varied experience in the field of art of wider significance; a photographer, painter, graphic designer and Illustrator, frescoes restorer, and ceramic sculptor with a finished Ph.D. in Cultural Studies.

All her original and unique mind blowing abstract paintings and drawings are recognizable at world exhibitions around the world. Above all she is painting and drawing with an open heart and a lot of love and commitment.

Every new idea begins with her personal story of the moment that she is living it. The collection of 3D paintings are a result of her strong connection with Universal energies and understanding her view of the Universal state of Infinity.

And absolutely opposite is her new collection and used technique: Abstract acrylic paintings on canvas, painted with handmade brushes. The brushes are made from the material collected in natural habitat in a time of Autumn.

Therefore, her new collection of abstract paintings and drawings begin with a wish to get a deeper connection with nature itself.

And this is me, enjoy every single moment in the process of developing grand-scale artworks which provide my personal moments of serenity.

Spread the great things
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