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Exhibitions from 2019 ....

YEAR 2021:

• BARCELONA (Spain); Artbox/Project – Art Exhibition
May 2021
• LONDON (Great Britain); EWAL – Hope Art Exhibition
2020 – 2021 / time of Covid 19 /

YEAR 2020:

• ZURICH (Switzerland); Artbox/Talent and Swiss art Expo- Art Challenge in coronavirus time
26.10. 2020 – 30.11.2020
• LJUBLJANA (Slovenia); Salvador Club – Exhibition of Slovenian artists
September/ October 2020 (postponed on 2021)
• DUBAI (United Arab Emirates); Art Smiley – On line ZOOM Exhibition / Together we are one
28.08. 2020
• BARCELONA (Spain); Artbox/Project – Art Exhibition Barcelona 1.0
18.03. 2020 – 22.03.2020
• DUBAI (United Arab Emirates); Art Smiley – Art Exhibition in DoubleTree by Hilton
15.03. 2020 – 11.04.2020
• ATHENS (Greece); Art Number 23 – Art Exhibition »Athens Open«
14.03. 2020 – 23.03.2020
• LONDON (Great Britain); Art Number 23 – Art Exhibition »Vicious Circle«
• 06.01.2020 – 19.01.2020
• PRAGUE (Czech Republic); Art Number 23 – Art Exhibition »Seen Forms«
10.01.2020 – 30.01.2020
• CHELSEA (Great Britain); EWAL – The Art Seal
02. 12. 2019 – 30. 01.2020

YEAR 2019:
• LONDON (Great Britain); EWAL – Premier Art Exhibition
29.10. 2019 – 2.11.2019
• PRAGUE (Czech Republic); Institute AAMI – Art Exhibition Barevné Výzvy
24.10.2019 – 30.01.2020

YEAR 2000:
• PIACENZA (Italy); Arte Exhibition I Giorni di Pulcheria
08.11.2000- 10.11.2000

INTERVIEW (by Only Abstract Art company)

What is art to you? Is creating an urge, necessity or maybe an incontournable, essential way of life?

Blanka (Blinx) Križ: To me, art is a way of living. I need the art to live, as well as I urgently need the air to survive. Art is something that gives me a strong sense of connection with my life and with all situations that I am facing in the present.

What wouldn’t you do without art? What did you discover, achieve with it?

Blanka (Blinx) Križ: I cannot imagine my life without creating – without any branch of creativity, I would probably feel completely lost in this life. To me, art is a natural way of expression and the strongest link between myself and the current time. It is a communication tool that I use to connect the three worlds in which I live in: the world inside me, the world around me and the world above us, that is the universe or an infinite space. Art proves to me to be one of the most powerful and controllable tools for personal expression – it is a language and a mirror that constantly communicates with me. And I have no obstacles or restraints to show and share all my mirrors to the world.

If a person, artist or not, influenced you, what kind of question would you ask him/her?

Blanka (Blinx) Križ: I do not know exactly how I would react, if somebody’s artwork would awaken my emotions. Probably, I would be interested in the fact that has encouraged or inspired this artist in the creation of his artwork. I personally believe that every artist who is creating with his whole heart begins from a given moment.

Who or what inspired you artistically; a person, artist, event, experience…

Blanka (Blinx) Križ: I get all my inspirations from my inner experience as well as from various minor or major life situations or turning points. This results as a mirror or a reflection in each of my finished artworks. All this can be perceived and felt, if a person completely indulges in my artwork and observes it without the interference of his own emotions and his current life situation.

What is a vivid memory of a remark concerning your art that got stuck with you?

Blanka (Blinx) Križ: The biggest compliment that has encouraged and touched me as well as confirmed that I am on the right track, was expressed on one of my last shows by an art critic and art collector, after having thoroughly and carefully observed my 3D painting. He stated: “Your painting contains and emits positive and attractive energy that gently encourages the viewer to stop, observe and absorb it in complete silence. It seems to me that your painting somehow calls the observer by itself. However, not just any observer, but only the one who is willing to stay. He is then given a tremendous opportunity to see its message. Your 3D painting is like a playground of different images that are intertwined and have no ending … Countless images can be found and this diversity offers the observer to create his own story from everything he has seen and found out and eventually to get a big picture of the original. Its observer somehow spiritually steps out of the room and gently focuses only on your painting and on the action that is evolving in front of his eyes – he just can’t stop watching it. I could spend hours in front of it and I know I would always find something new. It is unique. Congratulations!”

What was the most interesting statement you hear about your work?

Blanka (Blinx) Križ: Somebody once stated that my paintings come from an alien world and that they indicate the presence of channelling messages between me and the universe.

How do you search for inspirations and themes for your work?

Blanka (Blinx) Križ: I never seek for inspiration from the outside world, as everything arises from the inside, therefore in my artistic expression I always follow only my personal feelings. I simply perceive my personal feelings, I absorb them and use them to the best of my abilities here and now.

How has your art changed over time? Why?

Blanka (Blinx) Križ: Over the years, I felt an inner urge to deeper exploration and to finding answers to the questions such as: “Who I am, where I’m going and where I’m coming from.” I found out that the best answer to these questions, is to express myself through different artistic genres and not through human communication. So, it soon became crystal clear to me that each of my new personal discoveries and changes, that occur within me, is completed and simultaneously realized in the form of artistic expression, as some kind of personal confession. During various life stages of discovering myself, I also discovered the most appropriate art techniques for expressing my situations. That is why in one period of my life, I wrote a book that turned out to be the best expressive art technique of the time period through which I was going. I never create artwork to impress people. The fact is, however, that when I change, so does my artistic expression or the artistic branch of communication.

Are you a synesthet? Have synesthet ever commented on your paintings?

Blanka (Blinx) Križ: I don’t know if my modus operandi is part of explaining what it is and how synaesthesia works? However, I have the ability to sense, smell and feel the original temperature of colours. Colours always call and address me. I never choose them deliberately, hence I would be focussing my artistic expression in such a way that the final image would be pleasing to observers, collectors, critics, potential buyers or other artists. In doing so, I would deviate from my basic perception of art which to me is a communication and transmission tool. When creating, I tend to be mentally disconnected as much as possible. In doing so, I allow creations to happen in a way it’s supposed to happen.

What names do you give your artworks?

Blanka (Blinx) Križ: The name of my artwork sometimes appears to me during the creation process otherwise, I leave that artwork unnamed. Naming, tagging and labelling paintings has never seemed to make sense to me. I found out that the names of the pictures can sometimes leave a very strong initial impression on the observer, even before he takes a moment to personally observe and accept the information expressed by the artwork itself. I personally believe, the message of the painting itself is of higher importance because every observer is capable of extracting it by himself. I just had an idea. Namely, that I could establish an interaction with the observers upend which every observer could name my painting.

What do you usually talk about with your collectors?

Blanka (Blinx) Križ: For the time being, my collectors are interested in the type of technique which I am using for my 3D paintings. On the other hand, there are also collectors and critics who upon indulging in my paintings and creating an emotional connection with them, show greater interest in my personal process and connections with created artworks.


Reference Representation Program
for independent abstract artists

Blanka Blinx Art; catalog page: 102-103

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