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The Ea


  • Frame size: 20x50cm
    Price: 544€
    Material: Synthetic paper and 22 Carat Gold leafs
    Year: 2019
    Description: Painting is an original pic of multi-layered papers and alcohol ink colours and Gold Leafs / It’s abstract artwork made on synthetic paper.  perfect for a hallway, entryway, bedroom, living room, or dining room; in your home, office or Hotel as a statement piece. Add a nice pop up abstract painting to your wall space.

    Note: For paintings 3D on paper you are welcome to e-mail me, because I’m taking orders for your color combination and size.  

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  • Ask me a question
  • Photo by Blanka Blinx Križ
  • Signature mark on the back of the painting
  • Art certificate of authenticity
  • Ready to hang
  • Safe and secure payments

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